Terms & Conditions

Knitting for Olive Terms and Conditions for Wholesale Buyers


As a retailer of Knitting for Olive Yarn you must carry a minimum of two qualities and a minimum of 10 or 20 colors in each quality depending on the qualities chosen. 

You shop in bags of 10 balls.

Knitting for Olive Yarn is ordered via Knitting for Olive B2B webshop b2b.knittingforolive.com

Knitting for Olive Yarns can be sold in both Stores and Webshop.


To become a retailer of Knitting for Olive patterns, you must be a retailer of our yarns.

We do not require that our yarn is sold with our patterns, but our yarns have to be offered to the customer.

You order our patterns via Knitting for Olive B2B webshop  b2b.knittingforolive.com

After paying for the pattern once you can sell it unlimitted in your store/webshop at no additional charge.

After purchasing a pattern, you will receive a download link to the pattern.
If a pattern is updated, you will receive the updated version automatically via email.

Knitting for Olive Patterns can be sold in both Stores and Webshop.


by Credit Card or Paypal.
The payment is captured once the order is shipped.

Changes to terms and conditions

Knitting for Olive is entitled to change terms and conditions, change wholesale prices, indicative prices and freight prices, at any time.
Knitting for Olive is furthermore entitled to terminate the agreement.


If you have any questions regarding your placed order, shipping or an upcoming order please contact us at wholesale@knittingforolive.dk


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